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SPECIAL OVERVIEW ISSUEThe Great Shift and its astrological Underpinnings

LATEST ISSUE—FALL 2016 Includes:

Change is Upon Us! Now What?

Let There be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin with Me

SUMMER 2016Includes:

Dark Nights of the Soul—Resistance is Futile (that's good!)

Time Flies When... er, Whenever!

MARCH/SPRING 2016Includes:

2016-The Year of the Empowered Human? Why Not?

What Does Empowered Action Look Like?

DECEMBER 2015Includes:

Which One are You Feeding?

FALL 2015—Includes:

Food Fights and Other Forms of Disrespect

SUMMER 2015Includes:

Why Does God Allow These Things?

Is it Spiritual to be an Activist? Or Better to Stay Above the "Fray"?

SPRING 2015Includes:

What Energy are You Living In?

Renewal and Rebirth—On Steroids!

JANUARY 2015Includes:

It's 2015—Are You "There" Yet?

Take that First Scary Step, and the Universe will Roll Out the Red Carpet for You

DECEMBER 2014—Includes Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men & more 
NOVEMBER 2014—Includes Creating Your Own Reality—How's that Working for You? 
SEPTEMBER 2014—Includes Are We There Yet? (No.)

AUGUST 2014—Includes Why Do We Sabotage Our Happiness?? 
JULY 2014—Includes Why Can't We Get Them to Change??

MAY-JUNE 2014—Includes Divine Feminine: Patience, Alignment & Divine Timing    
APRIL 2014—Includes Forgiveness is the Ultimate Act of Self-Love and  The Next Step is Gratitude
MARCH 2014—Includes Stop the World... I Want to Get Off! (and more) 
FEBRUARY 2014—IncludesThe Dark Side of Valentine's Day and  Always Remember to Ask for Help! (and more)              

JANUARY 2014—Includes It's All a Game of "Make Believe"! (and more)                  
DECEMBER 2013—Includes Peace on Earth, Peace, Goodwill Toward Men (and more)               
NOVEMBER 2013—Includes Remembering JFK and  Cultivating and Attitude of Gratitude (and more)

OCTOBER 2013—Includes Halloween, Death, and the Thinning of the Veils and  Mercury Retrograde —That Time We Love to Hate! (and more) 
SEPTEMBER 2013—Includes Let Go or Be Dragged and  What Can YOU Do to Make This Transformation Easier? (and more)


Overview of the Latest Issue

The main article for the Fall issue is Change is Upon Us! What Now?  The 2016 U.S. Presidential election sent heads exploding across the country and the world! Many of those who voted for President-Elect Trump never imagined he would win. Those who voted for him as a "safe" protest or jab at Hillary Clinton, those who voted for third-party candidates in an election process where third-party candidates cannot win—and those 1/3 of registered voters who didn't vote at all—had a fast lesson in the reality that every single vote counts, even when we may not be enthusiastic about either candidate!

So... How could this happen? Why did it happen now? What does it mean? And what do we do now?  These are mostly questions being asked by those who aren't happy with the result (no matter what they did in the voting booth), but they are important questions for everyone. And there are important Universal principles—lessons and tools—that apply here to everyone, now and moving forward. They don't apply just to elections, they apply to all of life, and if you haven't been working on mastering them, you might want to start. This is a long article, and I hope you will find lots of useful information, hope, and empowerment in it!

There are several secondary articles this month that supplement the commentary in the main article.

It's All Brought to You by the Uranus/Pluto Square reminds us that "change" is exactly where we are supposed to be! The "Occupy" movement and the anger and frustration that erupted as the Uranus/Pluto Square moved into place did not go away, it merely simmered underground awaiting a resolution of the issues... or an outlet. This most influential astrological aspect of our time is helping us to dismantle the outdated structures in our lives from the personal (beliefs, self-definitions, habits, relationships, jobs, etc.) to the national and global (equal rights, the economy, health, education, agriculture, technology, etc., etc.). It also gives us the opportunity to create something better that is sustainable and supports everyone, rather than the few "at the top." It is up to all of us to be alert, aware, and awake, and to use our power and influence (which is more than we imagine) to create the kind of country and society that we want... for everyone!

Let There be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin with Me  is about finding peace in these times of great change, and the companion article, How Do We Begin to Make Peace?,  offers some tips.  How did we get to a point where each half of the country is fearful, name calling, and hurling epithets at the other? What role did we each play, and what role did our "leaders" play? How about the media? How about our religious leaders? We don't seem able to have deep, civil discussion about any of the many serious problems confronting us, because every issue seems to be reduced to sound-bites, pithy expressions, and us-versus-them thinking and labeling. Locked in these oh-so-worn-out Piscean Age ways of relating, we will never move forward in a meaningful way. We're going to have to put our defensiveness, self-righteousness, superciliousness, and disdain—and our elitism of all stripes (economic, gender, intellectual, and religious/philosophical elitism)—aside, stop defining ourselves in terms of us- versus-them, and really start to talk to each other. And guess what? That has to start with each of us! The first step is to examine how and when we do this in our own lives... and work on changing that, even though it may not be easy!

If you're really upset about the election outcome, there are even practical ideas of things you can do out in the world to make it better. Doing something empowers us and takes us out of victim mentality. And you might also refer back to the Summer issue's main article about how Dark Nights of the Soul are really a gift from the Universe (even if we only manage to appreciate them after the fact)!

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