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The two companion articles show different important ways of changing ourselves to create a better life. Begin with Releasing the Belief in Lack! discusses how the deep generational belief in lack causes so much pain in the world. We've created a society with the belief—and fear—of lack as its foundation. And what has that brought us? We have a segment of the population that feels it must hoard wealth in order to be safe and, therefore, 99% of the world's wealth lies in the hands of 1%, while the other 99% struggle for the bare necessities of life.

Think about what your deep beliefs are about abundance vs. lack and struggle. Do you believe "it's a dog-eat-dog world" or "nothing worth having comes easily," or that "life is a struggle"? How do these beliefs and fears color your world and your experiences? As long as you hold those beliefs, life will, in fact, be just that way for you! I've learned in my life that by changing these beliefs and fears, our lives can, in fact, become easy, with a smooth flow of abundance that is better than we can imagine!

So it's really time that we let those old fears and beliefs go. What would life be like if we all really believed that there was plenty to go around, plenty to support all life on the planet? Try that, and see how your own life can change!

Overview of the Latest Issue

The main article for the Summer issue is, "When the Shift Hits the Fan."  Yes, the Shift really IS hitting the fan these days, and it's not going to let up any time soon! An astrological Age lasts for almost 2,100 years. We start getting inklings of the incoming New Age long before the Age is over (just as the Rennaisance showed us great incoming creativity and the American and French Revolutions showed us huge mass efforts to create Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood, the motto of the French Revolution and a phrase reflecting Aquarian qualities). Then we go through a hybrid period, where everything steps up: changes increase on the personal and global levels, and we have many new things coming in, often created with one foot in the old and one foot in the new. For example, we have new gurus (old Piscean paradigm) teaching new ideas (new Aquarian paradigm). This period can last over 100 years.

And then we start really closing in on the New Age, as the Old, outgoing Age, falls away, and we get more and more apparent chaos and the "clash of cultures escalates, and change increases. That's when the Shift really hits the fan, and we are there!! 

I know! It feels like this has been going on forever, and we all just want it to stop! We want everyone to just wake up and change, and we want that Golden Age to get here and settle in, so we can all finally just relax, breathe, and live in peace, already!! Well... that won't be for awhile, so we'd better get used to it! We're just getting lots of practice with letting go of things that don't serve us, leaving situations and people that are detrimental, and, most important, stepping into life courageously, practicing true true self-love, and learning to listen to our own discernment and intuition.

And let's not forget the source of so many of our fears and beliefs, the media! Watching the Media Circus from a Different Perspective reminds us to do just that, to remember that the original operating principle for newspapers was, "If it bleeds, it leads," meaning that the story with the most blood, violence, and drama always goes on the first page, above the fold. Why? Because that's what sells papers! The same applies to advertising on television.

The real problem is, it distorts our world view , fills us with fear, distracts, and disempowers us. Because every violent action around the world becomes the main story of the 24/7 news cycle, we begin to believe that the world is filled with people who kill, main, bomb, and bully each other. That's not really true! The majority of people in the world are peaceful and loving. But you wouldn't know that from watching the media. Our fear-based compulsion to be constantly aware of "current events" keeps us firmly entrenched in the quick sand, unable to turn away, unable to get a different perspective.

We feel powerless because we watch the "bad actors" and we watch these elected "leaders" running amok and we know we can do very little about it. And that's true. We have no control over anyone else. So we sit and watch and feel powerless, and we fall into despair.

But we are not powerless.  We are merely distracted. Powerfully distracted from recognizing our own power! We can do so much to make our lives, the lives of others, and the world much better. But we can't do anything productive, if we are busy believing that the media presents an accurate view of the world and its people!

Remember, they don't call it television programming for nothing!!

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Welcome to my newsletter, Tunnel Vision!  I periodically share observations, musings, and tips—based on what I learned during and since my Near-Death Experience—on where we are in the Great Shift of the Ages, how the Shift is manifesting in our lives, and how to navigate the waves of change, rather than getting dragged under, kicking and screaming! (Been there; not pretty!)  The easiest way for us to make this great transition and transformation is to examine everything... what we think we know, what we believe, who we think we are, and how we act... and let go of everything that is no longer working for us, supporting us, or true. Letting go of judgments is the first step. I hope you enjoy my musings in the current or archived issues. To read my articles in the predictions issues of The Sedona Journal of Emergence!, you can find them on my Other Articles page, a sub-page of this one.

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