I traveled through the Tunnel of Light and came back to tell you about it!

September 2010, Denver, CO  (in 4 parts). . .

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What would you do if a loved one died… then came back to talk about it?? “Back From the Light: Aftereffects of Surviving a Near-Death Experience” is a documentary about the impact of an NDE on the experiencers and on the family and friends of the experiencers, and I'm in it!

Find out more on their website. Now available on DVD ($20 plus $4.95 shipping). Also available to view on demand ($4.99) or purchase ($12.99) on Vimeo.

Creating Heaven on Earth (the Great Shift of the Ages)

Are we truly racing toward the End of the World, or are we racing toward a new Beginning.... a massive shift in consciousness that will usher in the Golden Age of Humanity, or as the hippies called it in the 1960's, the Age of Aquarius? Find out what's going on, why everything is changing and seemingly in chaos, and what you can do to surf the waves of change, rather than getting dragged down under!

The full title of this presentation, given at the 2012 conference of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is: Creating Heaven from Hell: What NDEs, astrology, ancient wisdom and metaphysics reveal about creating Heaven on earth, one soul at a time. Watch or download the video using one of these links:

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Fellowship of the Inner Light, Sunday Service, September 3, 2017--It's All About Love. . .

Watch Me on the News!

This segment was originally filmed and aired by Fox News and later picked up by ABC!

The First Video about My NDE in 2007

This video was totally off-the-cuff at the spur of the moment, back in 2007! It's the first time I told my story on camera. I forgot to say that the other driver turned off my headlights to blame me for the accident. Fortunately, when I went to court, he did not appear, and the ticket issued in the ER for driving without my headlights was dismissed! That was Divine Intervention, because I was so afraid that I'd have to tell the judge I'd seen the other driver turn off my headlights while I was floating above my body... and then I'd get committed!

Try it Yourself...

If you want to experience going through the Tunnel of Light and feeling that unconditional love—without the trauma of dying!—check out my presentation and guided meditation,Journey Through the Tunnel of Light.Now available as downloadable mp3s.

Fellowship of the Inner Light, Sunday Service, February 2016—Living in the Light. . .

Fellowship of the Inner Light, Sunday Service, October 2014—Laughter is the Greatest Gift We Have!

Please enjoy these videos of my presentations on my Near-Death Experience and about the Great Shift of the Ages that we are all undergoing. . .

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Don't forget to listen to my radio interviews on my other page!

For more information about NDE's in general, visit the International Association of Near-Death Studies, and the Near Death Experience Research Foundation.

To see more videos about NDEs, visit the IANDS Channel and Bill's Videos 123 Channel on YouTube. The IANDS Channel has videos on NDE research, while Bill's Videos are NDE experiencers talking about their NDEs. My first video in 2007 was for Bill.

And check out  The Search for the Crystal Key, the fantasy novel I wrote that contains wisdom I learned during and since my NDE about how life works, and the importance of believing in ourselves.

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Lion Magic. . .

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Experiencer Panel Discussions at Annual Conferences of the International Association for Near-Death Studies

September 2015, San Antonio, TX. . .