If you'd said ten years ago that I would become wildly enthusiastic about essential oils, I would have said you were crazy! Aromatherapy just seemed a little too weird. Well, I once felt that way about energy work, too, and look what happened: I'm doing it! I admit it, I'm a fanatic convert, because essential oils affect our emotional bodies through aromatherapy and our bodies, using the medicinal properties of the plants, through inhalation, ingestion, topical application! There are so many amazing modalities and products to help us restore and maintain wellness. It's up to us to find which ones work best for us. Please note that my comments below refer only to the therapeutic grade Young Living™ Essential Oils... I cannot vouch for other brands of oils that may not have the same high-quality ingredients or processing.

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Essential Oils to Keep You Healthy!

With therapeutic-grade essential oils, (as compared to perfume-grade oils) it's not just about the aroma, it's also about the therapeutic qualities and properties of the plants. In addition to the therapeutic propterties of the individual plants, these oils all have antioxidant properties, kill germs, oxygenate the cells, assist with removing toxins from the body, and support the immune system. The body takes in these properties best through the nasal passages and through topical application on the bottoms of the feet (there are connections on the feet to all the meridians in the body, which conduct the oils throughout the body very quickly).You also can apply them topically on your body to help with various mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. You can diffuse them in your home for a wonderful, uplifting, aroma, while you are absorbing the therapeutic qualities through your nasal passages (better than chemical "air fresheners"!). You can use them to support your health and that of your pets.

Aromatically, you get a double-header with these oils—not only do they smell wonderful in the air or used as a perfume (Joy™ blend is wonderful!)—but there are additional therapeutic qualities, because aroma affects the part of the brain associated with emotions. and have their therapeutic assistance as a side benefit. And you can cook with and ingest some of them—lemon, peppermint, clove, oregano, and thyme, for example—to benefit from their therapeutic properties and their wonderful taste! Lavender (pictured) is an all-purpose healer. It is calming to the mind and soothing to the body. It's especially good for burns.

Young Living™ also has a line of healthy, effective household products (Thieves™ cleaner, hand purifier, soap, toothpaste, etc.), face and body products, and supplements, all based on and including essential oils. They are a nice alternative to all the chemical-laden products out there! They also offer NingXia Red™ wolfberry juice and bars, which have many antioxidant and therapeutic qualities. The company mission and policy is to use essential oils and natural ingredients of the highest quality, without toxic chemicals, preserving the intrinsic therapeutic properties of the plants.

Here are some examples of how well these oils work: 

  • One drop of Peppermint essential oil on the temples can eliminate a bad sinus headache in about 5 minutes.
  • I am absolutely convinced that the Young Living antibacterial and antiviral Thieves™ blend and ImmuPro™ blend keep me hearty and healthy all winter, while everyone around me was succumbing to all kinds of nasty colds, flus, stomach viruses, sinus infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia!
  • After falling on the ice and catching myself by my upper arm on a wrought-iron railing (can you say OUCH?!), I was black and blue from elbow to armpit and I had a painful knot under the skin the size of an egg. In the past, I would have been bruised and sore for 3-4 weeks from an injury like this. I applied a combination of homeopathic Arnica gel and one drop each of the essential oil blends of Peace and Calming™, PanAway™, and Release™ morning and evening for several days, and by the 5th day, the pain, the knot, and most of the bruising were gone!
  • A friend had a pinched nerve causing severe pain through her hip for over a year. The pain was so severe, she had trouble sleeping. She applied three drops of Copaiba and Relieve It on her hip morning and night for about a week. After two days the pain eased enough for her to sleep. After a week, the pain was totally gone. She stopped using the oils after about a month, but six months later, the pain had not returned.
  • I occasionally get painful cramps in my feet. If you've ever had them, you know what I mean! Rubbing in just a drop of the Aroma Sieze™ or Relieve It™ blend takes those cramps away in about 5 minutes!
  • Putting Clarity™ or Brainpower™ blend on my temples really keeps me alert when I'm driving. Grounding™ helps a lot, too! Or diffusing Lemon with a car diffuser.
  • When my friend's young son is agitated and angry, Peace and Calming™ or Lavender really help calm him down, especially when one is rubbed on the bottoms of his feet and diffused in the air. Vetiver oil on his feet also helps. (Generally, diffusing is recommended for emotional outbursts and issues because the aroma reaches the seat of the emotions in the brain, but Vetiver may be too thick to diffuse.)
  • And just for practical purposes, Lemon oil is a great cleaner around the house—put a few drops in a spray bottle full of water, shake, and spray. It will make surfaces clean and sparkling, and, kill germs. Used straight it will clean off those awful gooey substances left from stickers. And it makes everything smell wonderful and clean!

Click here to go to the website for Young Living™, where you can find out more about their full range of oils and other products, with descriptions of their properties and applications. Reference my distributor number 981073 when you order. Become a preferred customer to receive discounted prices on all products. Save even more by becoming a distributor and enjoying wholesale prices and a $50-off coupon for a diffuser, even if you don't intend to take advantage of the great opportunity to build your own business in essential oils.