As we move into the Great Shift, life is getting more and more challenging. Time is going faster, relationships are getting more complex, and the old paradigm is crumbling around us as we wait for the new. Emotional issues, health issues, and economic issues are all coming up to be healed, as we are bombarded with Light and Information for our bodies, minds, and spirits to assimilate. Globally, nationally, and personally, we are all going through slow, often painful and challenging changes, and sudden, big, unexpected changes! Even if we are lucky enough to move through it all relatively unscathed, everyone around us is dealing with difficulties, traumatic events, and tragedies, and we must navigate through their reactions. (Read my Tunnel Vision Newsletter or watch the video of my presentation, Creating Heaven on Earth, to get an overview of these transformational times and what each of us can do to make these changes easier.)

You deserve to reach the potential you came into this life to fulfill! You deserve to have the best life possible!  We are really meant to have joy and success in our lives, and life was never meant to be a struggle. But it is a struggle for many people. As an Intuitive Life Coach and 3-D Transformational Life Coach, I can help by offering insights into what is happening around us, why everything seems to be falling apart (it really is all to the good, even if we can't see that right away!), and the best way to ride the waves of change, rather than being slammed by them! I can give you a new perspective and advice about challenging situations you are facing, and help you discover and transform unresolved issues, unsupportive and outdated beliefs, and patterns of behavior that are stopping you from having the life you deserve. And as a practical mystic, I can give you not only an understanding of the Bigger Picture of what's going on "out there," but I also serve as a vibrational catalyst and provide tools that really work to bring about the kinds of shifts you want in your life! I can help you identify what you really want (rather than what others want for you), set up goals and a plan, and assist you in achieving that plan and creating your new, better life!
My full-blown Near-Death Experience in 1985 gave me new understandings into the human condition and the nature of the Universe. It also greatly expanded my intuitive abilities and my ability to access the wisdom of Home, my loving Guides, and my Higher Self for information. I have developed an uncanny ability to glimpse the deeper meanings—and the probable outcomes—of complex life situations, and I can often identify past-life issues presenting themselves in current situations. In the years since my NDE I have honed my intuitive skills and increased my wisdom by continuing a wide range of spiritual and metaphysical studies, as well as continuing my own self-healing. In the last 15 years I have also developed my skills as a mentor and teacher, sharing information and insights with a wide variety of audiences. You can listen to some of my radio interviews and watch my videos on my NDE page.

My goal is to empower others, help them reach an understanding of their own magnificence, and to learn how to find the answers within. I am particularly interested in helping people release the resistance, outmoded beliefs, and fears that keep them from achieving their full potential and living the life of their dreams.

Many are familiar with the expression "As above, so below."  The companion expression is equally important: "As within, so without."  I have learned that in order to change a situation in our lives, and certainly to "change" the attitudes and behaviors of other people in our lives, it is most effective to change ourselves. That is the only point of power. Sometimes the change is in our actions, and sometimes the change is in our attitudes, thoughts, or beliefs.  As we change and release our negative  (lower vibration) thoughts and beliefs, and as we carry more unconditional love and raise our own vibration, the people around us automatically change, as well, and we stop attracting those "negative" situations and people into our lives.

I offer particularly insightful assistance to those who have undergone a Near-Death Experience or any type of spiritually transformative experience, who are trying to integrate those experiences into their lives; to those who are dealing with grieving a loss or undergoing other major life transitions; and to parents, particularly those who have children who are "different," "difficult," and/or adopted or suffering from trauma.

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Could you use... assistance understanding a child who is amazing, but "very different" and occasionally difficult?
Could you use…advice and insights from someone who understands what’s going on out there?

Sessions are held over the phone or Skype. Payment is made in advance, using the Add to Cart button, below, or through the Products and Services page. I will call or email you to arrange a mutually agreeable date and time. Sessions tend to be an hour. Depending on the complexity of the issues being discussed, additional sessions may be desired. For ongoing, transformational 3-D Life Coaching, multi-session commitment packages are available at discounted rates.

How an Intuitive Life Coaching Session Works
My Intuitive Life Coaching sessions basically take the form of a conversation, on the phone or via Skype. We talk about what's going on in your life, what's working and what isn't, and what your concerns, fears, and confusions are. If you have a particular issue that you are grappling with, we focus on that.

As we talk, I tune in to your energy field and "read" into the dimensions and layers of the issue, and I get a feel about what's going on from a broader, more objective perspective. As we discuss this broader perspective, other insights come. As a result, you get a new perspective on the issue and begin to see how the situation may be serving you on an unconscious level, what you can learn from it, and how you can effect change and move on. I can also help you clarify, on a very deep level, what you really want.

I can help you identify how the situations or people in your life that are causing you anger, frustration, and pain, are serving as a mirror to show you places in yourself that may need to be addressed and healed, such as outworn beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. And I can give you practical tools to help you make these changes.

While I do work with the help of the loving, wise guides I connected with during my Near-Death Experience, an Intuitive Life Coaching session is not a psychic reading. It is an interactive intuitive process, a discussion, during which I receive information from you, your guides, and my guides, and, based on that information and on my own decades of experience and study, I provide insights, perspective, recommendations, and tools that help you gain understandings and make desired shifts in your life. It is like talking things over with a wise, intuitive friend, who loves you and wants to help, who can see into those blind spots for you and tell you what's there.

3-D Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions work the same way, except we will set goals and work together over time to create the magical life that you want, transforming patterns and habits to reach your goals related to health, habits, work, relationships, business, etc.

Testimonials. . .

"Ellyn's advice is always amazingly insightful and accurate. She has the  ability to see through the layers of an issue to determine the best way to deal with it.  Her advice is always right on and often something that would never occur to me. She is a GENIUS!" — M.O., Washington, DC.

"I was so DELIGHTED TO SPEAK WITH YOU!! I can simply feel your energy over the phone, it's like a giant massive whirlwind of love and knowing. . . KNOWING!" —Marianne, Michigan 

"You touched me and made a difference at this [difficult] time in my life. Clarity and wisdom entered my emotions and lifted me up to a higher plane. I hope we can continue to share." —Patricia, New York

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Lion Magic. . .

3-D Transformational Life Coaching Now Available!

I have completed the Life Coaching training at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment. This Life Coaching process incorporates the philosophy of Edgar Cayce to address issues on all levels—the Body, Mind, and Spririt—what I call 3-Dimensional (or 3-D) Life Coaching. Through this process, I will be your own life personal trainer, to help you set goals, identify and release beliefs and habits that are holding you back, and move forward to meet those goals. I offer initial consultations for free and 3-D Transformational Life Coaching commitment packages for 3, 6, and 9 sessions. Contact me for a free half-hour consultation at