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Lion Magic. . .

I traveled through the Tunnel of Light and came back to tell you about it!

Feel the Magic, and Go Out There and Play! — December 2012 — Sedona Journal of Emergence ​Predictions Issue for 2013 

The Year of the Empowered Human — December 2015 — Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions Issue for 2016 

It's 2015, and the "Shift" is Here! — December 2014 — Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions Issue for 2015 

The "New" has Arrived—And it's an Inside Job! — December 2013 — Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions Issue for 2014 

In addition to my Tunnel Vision newsletter, I have been invited the last few years to contribute articles to the annual "Predictions Issue" of the Sedona Journal of Emergence! Although they often show me as channeling the Lion People, that is not actually correct. In all my writing, coaching, and public speaking, I work with the Lion People. That is, I do the writing and speaking, but with a lot of promptings, nudges, guidance, and help (not to mention pithy comments and unusual insights)  from them.  The predictions articles are posted below.

If you read through the predictions articles, starting with the December 2012 issue, you'll see the pattern of the times of change we are in:  All the articles speak to great ongoing changes and the need for continual discernment and flexibility, as well as kindness and love for ourselves and each other, as we collectively move through these exciting and very challenging times. Remember, during these times, don't believe everything you think! (And keep on questioning those beliefs... where'd you get them, after all, and how well do they actually serve you? Change a belief and change your whole life!)

Are You Playing Yet? — November 2017 — Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions Issue for 2018

Bust Out of Your Box! — November 2016 — Sedona Journal of Emergence  Predictions Issue for 2017