"Just wanted to let you know that you really are an inspiration. was feeling bit down (tomorrow is my dear departed husband's birthday, and maybe that is why). anyway, i listened to your telling of your nde, and i feel a whole lot better -- replenished with hope (and the love you relate that we're here to share). thanks. . . i really appreciate what you share."  ∼ Mary, Catonsville, MD.  

"When I first heard Ellyn Dye present her NDE, I was ALL ears!  I have listened to her experience at least three times andeach  time, I hear something new and enjoy it implicitly!  Ellyn also has a wonderful meditation where she takes you to the 'Light' so we can experience it in this way, instead of having to go through an NDE!  This meditation took me 'beyond' my expectations!  I got clarity about my career, which I wasn't even asking about!  I reeled inside with the Love that was being emanated to me from the Beings in this meditation AND from the Light that looked like a huge Star to my Mind's Eye!  I can still feel this WONDERFUL experience in my body!  Thank you, Ellyn, for agreeing on some level to go through your NDE experience so you could bring back this amazing information to all of us, and for creating this highly effective meditation that you share with us too! " ∼ With Love & Joy, Sherri Cousart in California

I traveled through the Tunnel of Light and came back to tell you about it!

Journey Through the Tunnel of Light

Available as Downloadable Mp3s—$15.99 

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What if you could go through the tunnel of light without the trauma of dying? What would you find? What would you bring back? What if you could do it at will? Journey Through the Tunnel of Light is a presentation on my Near Death experience and a guided meditation through the famous tunnel to experience the unconditional love and joy of Home... and bring it back to earth! Being able to touch back in to the energy of Home, and remembering who we really are, are important tools in remaining grounded and centered in these days of transition and change.

This is a presentation recorded live at the Pathways Magazine Natural Living Expo in College Park, MD. Track 1 is a description and discussion of my personal NDE, and track 2 is a guided meditation through the Tunnel of Light, so you can experience for yourself the unconditional love and joy of Home and bring that amazing energy back with you, whenever you want. Includes comments and questions from participants. Only $15.99 for the two downloadable mp3s. These are not available anywhere else!

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