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Sandra Champlain's We Don't Die Radio

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If you want to experience going through the Tunnel of Light and feeling that unconditional lovewithout the trauma of dying!—check out my presentation and guided meditation, Journey Through the Tunnel of Light. Now available as downloadable mp3s.

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Don't forget to watch the videos of my presentations about my NDE (including Fox News!) and the Great Shift we're undergoing on my other page!

For more information about NDE's in general, visit theInternational Association of Near-Death Studies, and the Near Death Experience Research Foundation.

To see more videos about NDEs, visit the IANDS Videos Channel and Bill's Videos 123 Channel on YouTube. The IANDS Channel has a lot of videos about the research on NDEs, while Bill's channel has experiencers talking about their NDE.

And check out  The Search for the Crystal Key, the fantasy novel I wrote that contains wisdom I learned during and since my NDE about how life works, and the importance of believing in ourselves.


I traveled through the Tunnel of Light and came back to tell you about it!

Interviews on the Caribbean Radio Show—NDE Chat Show with Host Rudi Rudenski

I was a periodic guest on Rudi's NDE Chat show, and we covered all kinds of topics in our wide-ranging and laugh-filled discussions! The music stops when the show starts (or fast forward).

NDE Chat Show—November 18, 2013 "NDE: The paradigm shift Is happening NOW! causing lots of Confusion"

NDE Chat Show—November 4, 2013     "NDE: People who see a white light, floating above their body."  I was the guest host for this show, interviewing Rev. John Price, author of Revealing Heaven: The Christian Case for Near-Death Experiences

NDE Chat Show—August 5, 2013

"Let Go or Be Dragged"

NDE Chat Show—April 30, 2012  

"Death Experience: Are We Missing Out on Heaven on Earth?"

NDE Chat Show—December 26, 2011

"Near Death Experience: I Visited My Ancestors, the Lion People"

NDE Chat Show—October 10, 2011
"NDE CHAT: Metaphysics, Intuitive Coach Talk, Near Death"

IANDS NDE Radio—May 2014

With host Lee Witting, for the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS)

nrQi RadioWith hosts Kristen Webster and Cindy Briolotta. Scroll 2/3 down list or use Ctrl+F and put Ellyn Dye in search field.