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SPECIAL OVERVIEW ISSUEThe Great Shift and its astrological Underpinnings, such as the Great Uranus/Pluto Square (and why it seems that everything is falling apart)

LATEST ISSUEEASTER/SPRING 2020Keep the Faith, Baby! (A different perspective on COVID-19)

DECEMBER 2019 —Includes It's a New Day, a New Year, a New Decade... A New YOU! (The astrology driving the changes in 2020)

SPRING 2019—Includes After An Awakening--What Then?

DECEMBER 2018—Includes Change Your Story, Change Your Life

SUMMER 2018--Includes The Summer of Our Discontent

HOLIDAY SEASON 2017—Includes Remember to BREATHE!

SUMMER 2017Includes: When the Shift Hits the Fan

FALL (ELECTION) 2016Includes Change is Upon Us! Now What?  (aka The Great Metaphysical Test) and Let There be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin with Me

SUMMER 2016Includes Dark Nights of the Soul—Resistance is Futile (that's good!)  and

Time Flies When... er, Whenever!

MARCH/SPRING 2016Includes 2016-The Year of the Empowered Human? Why Not?  and

What Does Empowered Action Look Like?

DECEMBER 2015Includes Which One are You Feeding?

FALL 2015—Includes Food Fights and Other Forms of Disrespect

SUMMER 2015Includes:

Why Does God Allow These Things?  and Is it Spiritual to be an Activist? Or Better to Stay Above the "Fray"?

SPRING 2015Includes What Energy are You Living In?  and Renewal and Rebirth—On Steroids!

JANUARY 2015Includes It's 2015—Are You "There" Yet?  and Take that First Scary Step, and the Universe will Roll Out the Red Carpet for You

DECEMBER 2014—Includes Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men & more 
NOVEMBER 2014—Includes Creating Your Own Reality—How's that Working for You? 
SEPTEMBER 2014—Includes Are We There Yet? (No.)

AUGUST 2014—Includes Why Do We Sabotage Our Happiness?? 
JULY 2014—Includes Why Can't We Get Them to Change??

MAY-JUNE 2014—Includes Divine Feminine: Patience, Alignment & Divine Timing    
APRIL 2014—Includes Forgiveness is the Ultimate Act of Self-Love and  The Next Step is Gratitude
MARCH 2014Includes Stop the World... I Want to Get Off! (and more) 
FEBRUARY 2014—IncludesThe Dark Side of Valentine's Day and Always Remember to Ask for Help! (and more)              

JANUARY 2014—Includes It's All a Game of "Make Believe"! (and more)                  
DECEMBER 2013—Includes Peace on Earth, Peace, Goodwill Toward Men (and more)               
NOVEMBER 2013—Includes Remembering JFK and  Cultivatingand Attitude of Gratitude (and more)

OCTOBER 2013—Includes Halloween, Death, and the Thinning of the Veils and  Mercury Retrograde —That Transit We Love to Hate! (and more) 
SEPTEMBER 2013—Includes Let Go or Be Dragged and  What Can YOU Do to Make This Transformation Easier? (and more)

The December 2019 Issue Has Important Information for the Entire Year--The Astrology of Why 2020 Will Change the World

When I wrote in December about the escalation of the breakdown phase, I had no idea how that would present itself, yet here we are in early 2020, and life as we knew it is gone! We've definitely been hit with the Cosmic 2x4! The planetary energies have been telling us since 2000, and more urgently every year since then, that we need to stop what we're doing, reassess, and change everything that doesn't support the whole, everything that isn't sustainable. And the great Saturn/Pluto conjunction that kicked off the New Year apparently decided to take no prisoners!

Saturn is the task master that teaches us about self-discipline, hard work, saving for a rainy day,  and being in integrity. It gets a little testy when we don't pay attention, and can pull the rug out from under us to prove a point.

Pluto will continue to rub our noses in our shadow parts:  all those parts of ourselves, our society, our culture, and our governments and institutions that we don't like, we don't want to see, and don't reflect well on us. As distasteful as that is, it's a good thing, because when we're in denial all these "programs" are just merrily running in the background and we don't realize the damage they are doing. This way, we can close those apps!

With the Saturn/Pluto conjunction setting the theme and energies for the next year (and kicking off the next decade), we'll all be encouraged (forced?) to move the dead bodies out of the living room and give them a proper burial. These aren't new problems, they're the problems and issues that have been in our face for years, the ones that we haven't wanted to deal with, the ones we want to pretend don't exist. So far, we've been able to just throw a rug over them and step over or walk around them and go cheerfully on our way (hoping that they will go away on their own, or that someone else will come along and fix it). In 2020, Saturn and Pluto will up the ante: the stench will become so strong that we will have to do something about it!

Pluto shows us what's decomposing, and Saturn tells us to do something to fix it, so if there's something you've been avoiding, you might as well bite the bullet and get it over with. The good news is that Saturn rewards our efforts, so it probably won't be nearly as hard as you thought it would be! Of course, this can apply to lots of things, like a long-dead relationship or a dead or dying job or career, or a government, institution, or organization that is too stuck in the old ways to continue in the new times and energies.

It's time to change and embrace the NEW, a brave, new world that will look very different at the end of this year. Oddly enough, these ARE the times we've been waiting for!!  Read more here.

Overview of the Latest Issue

All the articles in the Easter/Spring 2020 issue are about the huge challenge/transition we are going through, COVID-19. Everyone is suffering through this, some with huge personal and financial losses. It is truly a test of who we are. Fortunately, many are rising to the occasion, finding strength, endurance, patience, love, compassion, and trust deep inside. Others, not so much!

If you've been reading Tunnel Vision for any length of time, you have seen the theme of these times (2012-2025 at least), which is change, change, and more change. We have all known that huge, tumultuous change was coming, but no one saw the catalyst as a tiny, almost beautiful little virus. Talk about a David and Goliath moment! That tiny thing brought the whole world to a stand-still!

We are well and truly in the midst of the Great Shift of the Ages (and no one said it would be easy or fun). It's up to us to make the most of this challenging and amazing time, and to identify the nuggets of Grace that are there for the taking.

In this issue, you'll find a higher perspective on what's going on and some suggestions for making the most of it. It doesn't negate or diminish the pain and losses being suffered, but it might help keep our vibrations up as we go through this. At times like this, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

As always, strive to remain upbeat and optimistic in the face of this challenge. Surrender and acceptance are crucial right now. We cannot control this. We must accept what is happening and strive to control the only things we can: our thoughts and our actions. Our best course is to make lemonade from the lemons we've been handed--or why not lemon meringue pie? Take care of ourselves. Help each other. Find and create joy where we can! It's a choice every moment, every day.

We are also learning quickly that we are All One, that what happens to someone else affects us, as well. Perhaps we will all come out of this a little kinder and less polarized? Perhaps we can finally see that those silly distinctions that have separated us don't really matter, and we're All in This Together?

Read the latest issue here.

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