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Overview of the Latest Issue

The main article for the December 2018 issue is Change Your Story, Change Your Life. It discusses the stories that we tell about ourselves— and those others tell about us—and how they can come to define and limit who we are.

What stories do you tell about yourself? Do you regale people with all the pain and betrayals you have experienced in your life, or do you tell stories about triumph and happiness? We are conditioned to know that pain and drama are far more exciting than quiet happiness, so often we tell of the painful and dramatic events in our lives to receive attention and sympathy. Sometimes we tell these stories to somehow explain why we are the way we are, why we have had failures or seeming limitations. But that just keeps us in victim mode, re-energizing and re-enforcing that pain, not to mention setting up an energy field around us that attracts more. Do we really want to define ourselves by our pain?

It is far more important and helpful to review those painful incidents, learn what we can from them, recognize that painful events happen in life, chalk them up to experience, and move on toward happier circumstances!

We also may have the problem of others, especially our families, retelling humiliating stories from our past, essentially keeping us in our "place," sometimes for decades (whether that's the conscious intention or not). During the Holidays, listen closely to the stories you tell others about yourself and the stories others tell about you. Then use your New Year's Resolutions to decide to tell different stories if you don't like the ones you hear! 

There are two companion articles in this issue. The first article, Which Should be Our Defining Moments? And Who Should Decide?  relates how I first became aware of the stories told about us, and how a silly mistake in childhood can become the story that is told in your family for decades... or generations! And I also relate two very different scenarios of how people tell their story after very challenging events. Remember, these incidents can end up defining us because they are the stories we tell about our lives, and WE should be in charge of deciding which are our defining moments! (And we should do it consciously!)

The second companion article, Time for a Breather, brings good news: the excruciating six months of "rolling retrogrades" that we have been going through—which forced us to go deep into (often difficult) review and revision—is finally over, and finally we can all take a deep breath and start moving forward again! Yippee! Perhaps we can use the forward-energy more wisely after all that forced introspection! 

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Welcome to my newsletter, Tunnel Vision!  I periodically share observations, musings, and tips—based on what I learned during and since my Near-Death Experience—on where we are in the Great Shift of the Ages, how the Shift is manifesting in our lives (basically: change, change, then more change!), and how to navigate the waves of change, rather than getting dragged under, kicking and screaming! (Been there; not pretty!)  The easiest way for us to navigate this great transition and transformation is to examine everything... what we think we know, what we believe, who we think we are, and how we act... and let go of everything that is no longer working for us, supporting us, or true. If we don't let those things go, the Universe has a way of coming along and ripping them out of our hands! (OUCH!) Letting go of judgments is the first step. I hope you enjoy my musings in the current and archived issues.

In addition to writing my Tunnel Vision newsletter, I also have been invited since 2012 to submit articles for the annual Predictions issues of The Sedona Journal of Emergence. You can find them on my Sedona Journal Articles page, a sub-page of this one.

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JULY 2014—Includes Why Can't We Get Them to Change??

MAY-JUNE 2014—Includes Divine Feminine: Patience, Alignment & Divine Timing    
APRIL 2014—Includes Forgiveness is the Ultimate Act of Self-Love and  The Next Step is Gratitude
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