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There are three companion articles. The first article relates to The U.S. Pluto Return: Redefining the Country. With Pluto in the process of returning to the position it held at the founding of the United States, we are in the process of redefining ourselves as a country--who we are, what we stand for , and who we want to be in the world--whether we like it or not! And all this on top of feeling and experiences the effects and changes brought on by the Uranus/Pluto square. Since the last foray of Pluto in Capricorn brought us the American and French Revolutions, we can only imagine what we will get this time! And it's interesting to see the eerie similarities between the British Empire in the mid-1700s and the United States today!

A second companion article discusses how difficult communication has always been, and how our ability to communicate with one another has degraded over time, with our increasing reliance on emails, comments, texts, and Twitter entries. With only 7% of communication accounted for by actual words, it's a wonder we can communicate at all. Perhaps that's why we choose the "distance" of those written communications over face-to-face communication, which often seems to devolve into shouting our respective viewpoints at each other! Find out more in I Understand You--Oh Wait! Maybe Not! 

Last, but not least, if you think this summer has been a hum-dinger, you're right: we've been in the midst of planetary retrogrades and three (count them: three) eclipses in a four-week period! I hope you used the Mars and Mercury retrograde periods to take stock and review where you've come and where you want to go, to be ready to move forward in September!

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Overview of the Latest Issue

The main article for the Summer 2018 issue is, The Summer of Our Discontent. Doesn't it seem like everyone around us is consumed in discontent, anger, or worse, outrage? It wasn't always like this, so what gives? Why is this happening, and what can we do about it?

This has been building a long time, and there are so many things leading up to and causing this collective, and probably global, meltdown.

You know I've been talking the last few years about the great Uranus/Pluto square that has been pushing us to change, change, change. And, while the square was exact seven times from June 2012 to March 2015, we will continue to feel the effects for quite some time. These are very slow-moving planets and they affect humans on deep, unconscious levels.

In fact, we don't fully recognize the changes they have wrought in us until we hit a point when we suddenly feel like jumping out of our skin, or we can no longer tolerate activities and behaviors that were previously considered to be okay. And when we change on the inside, changes happen on the outside. But first, we have to grapple with who we are now.

And that can be hard, because we find cracks in the life we've carefully constructed, and we find that our life doesn't "fit" as well as it did before... and we don't exactly know why, and we don't exactly know what, if anything, we can do to fit back into our lives or change to make it all comfortable again.

That's when the outer changes start to happen: we lose a job, get a divorce, have to move, etc., etc. We end up being forced to make outer changes, often changes that we don't think we want to make. Even when we want to make the changes, the transitions tend to be filled with stress, anxiety, and often, fear. That's mostly because  humans cling to the known, even when we don't like the known. 

So, we've been forced to make changes in our own lives (or we're afraid they're coming, and we see chaos and changes in the outer world, and we can't predict the outcome or the future of all this! No wonder we're all cranky! (To say the least!)

On top of that, most of us are addicted to the "news" that shovels out messages about how the sky is falling and we need to "Be afraid, be very afraid"!

Read the article to find out what you can do to make things easier in this long, hot summer!

Welcome to my newsletter, Tunnel Vision!  I periodically share observations, musings, and tips—based on what I learned during and since my Near-Death Experience—on where we are in the Great Shift of the Ages, how the Shift is manifesting in our lives, and how to navigate the waves of change, rather than getting dragged under, kicking and screaming! (Been there; not pretty!)  The easiest way for us to make this great transition and transformation is to examine everything... what we think we know, what we believe, who we think we are, and how we act... and let go of everything that is no longer working for us, supporting us, or true. Letting go of judgments is the first step. I hope you enjoy my musings in the current or archived issues.

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